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WSRD Catch Can Kit | Can-Am X3

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$ 189.00
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Prevent unwanted oil and crankcase gases from entering your intact track with this vented catch can. Turbo engines, especially when boost is increased, create a lot of crank case gas that needs to evacuate the engine. Can-Am did a great job of putting a proper sized 3/4" ventilation line on the engine but, as most OEM do, they recirculate it right back into the system. Our can will catch that oil and vent the gases out of the filter. It is also equipped with a drain valve to easily drain the fluids that are caught. Also to note, cold weather and ethanol based fuel will put more fluid in the can. Do not be alarmed by it, instead take note and drain it more often.

Kit Contents:

  • Clamping solution to hold down the can
    • Stainless steel to prevent corrosion
    • -12AN pushloc fitting to adapt to the factory hose.
      • This requires no cutting so the stock system can be reinstalled if you so choose
      • Brushed aluminum finish - looks great!
      • Large vent filter

        Add-on "Mud Kit" Contents:

        • -12AN pushloc fitting to adapter to the supplied hose
        • (1) black plastic barb fitting to adapter to the factory hose. This too requires zero cutting
        • 18" section of pushloc hose